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Tonkor and Impact Explosion


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So Ive been told the Tonkor was a really good weapon for lots of damage, but when I got it this morning, it seemed rather bad considering how much it bounces off enemies and terrain making it a very hard weapon to use correctly. Upon further inspection on the wiki, it says the Tonkor should explode on impact with an enemy and only bounce should it hit terrain. And my Tonkor just isnt doing that.

I don't know if its been nerfed without the wiki being updated or if mine is bugged

It currently has no mods as I just got it today and I have used a Max Rank Volt and Rhino built for suitability and energy ( no weapon enhancement mods )

Ive been told that it only explodes at range and yet even if I shoot it from a good 20m away and hit them square in the face it still wont explode upon impact

I have tried it on: Grineer, Corpus and Infested enemies with no change

I play on PC, and don't know if this happens on PS4 or XBox

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