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Luminos dye not working in caves


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as the title suggests, fishes in caves not luminated when i throw luminos dye to water in caves

here's the example:


There's the scrubber fish that was spawned. Then i threw luminos dye to the water, but the scrubber fish won't be highlit or luminated...

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vor 7 Stunden schrieb Proteo:

Same issue. And if the cave has a Hostspot, the dye cube will disappear.


vor 1 Stunde schrieb MsChaotica:

Here's another screencap of it not working. Glad/sad to see it wasn't just me having this issue.  I should note that it *was* working for me previously.


aaaand also.... i have often problems with fishes spawning inside the walls (outside the ponds) or cant even hit them because they are buggy.....






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Guys you are throwing it wrong if the dye disappears, throw it farther into the water. You might be standing too far from the shoreline and throwing it on shallow water. I make this mistake too in PoE. Trust me, I do fishing for standing.

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