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Kitgun damage not calculating properly at random intervals


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The title pretty much says it all. At random times, my kitguns (I have 4 of them, gilded) will suddenly deal strange damage numbers, in the form of gray zeros and 1 damage critical hits. It seems to be tied to status in some fashion as it happens more often on my higher status weapons, although I'm afraid I don't have footage of it directly because I don't have that software. It only occurs with my kitguns, not my primaries, my melees (even zaws) or my other secondary weapons. The buggy damage was occuring both before and after gilding. 

Along with this, I have a second odd bug related to gilding: The gilding cost me the debt bonds, but not the reputation, meaning I have 4 gilded weapons without having paid any of the standing for them. I discovered I did that by accident after the third gilding, tested it on the fourth. I plan to earn the surplus standing so that it may be correctly deducted as soon as this is addressed. 

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