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It is a very annoying and unpleasing felling when you have wasted relics and the drop reward from the resources that only void mission drops, when you are greeted when the host of the mission leaves after the first rotation of either of the title and then you are meet with a frozen screen, I have seen this in my game in-between 5-8 times within a month with my jolly good butt hoping that D.E probably fixed it, knowing you have to meet it up when this grand patch " FORTUNA" has came in and it slaps you in the face when you got the relic drop of the 2% and you are so happy and the frigging HOST LEAVES and everything is frozen, you are invisible or invincible (because my health is grey) and all you can do is hear the gun fire of what ever you have equipped, is not a nice feeling. And these are all of the three types of endless mission this happens on for me. Please fix, so i don't have to go to a "MISSION FAILED SCREEN" when i much rather see a Mission Aborted and you get chance to salvage something. I play this to relieve stress and it gives it. When you know that this has bugs you just look to stop playing on a whole. I don't know if it because of my internet speed but still it is rather annoying and if so possible it happens again I will try to take a screenshot is record it with my phone. Also this ADDS UP TO THAT STUPID MISSION FAIL COUNTER WHEN THIS IS ACTUALLY A BUG FROM YOU, SO YOU ARE GETTING A .001% FALSE DATA. 

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