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Cave Fishing Broken


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Fishing at this cave in the Orb Vallis is broken in two ways:



- Bait and lures thrown into the water instantly disappear, having no effect

- Servofish can only be caught at a certain part of the pond - otherwise their name does not appear and the spear will instantly bounce out

This effect may occur in other caves, but I haven't tested that.

Video showing the bugs:



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I have also experienced this in several other locations, most notably the cave in the far southeast of the map between the giant fallen orbital defense tower and the Spaceport, and the cave in the northwest of the map a bit south of the pond west of the Shrine to Profit.  It appears that the glowing stalactites have some very strange meshing properties, or something, that makes all the water near them act as a barrier to all fishing equipment.  As the two caves I've mentioned are also the only ones I've reliably found hotspots in, I'd really like to see this fixed so that I can get Synathids and Charymotes with less frustration.

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