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cache opimization and verification get stuck


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SO I was optimizing cache after a few months 3GB to do, hanged for an hour at 15% or so ,then restarted got slightly more, then after some other tries it goes to 25 and jumps back to 17 and gets suck there even over night. even tho the launcher is eating up cpu, but it doesn't reduce the space anymore no matter how many times I try. turning all options off in the launcher menu didn't work either.

What is worse I then tried to verify cache and its stuck in infinite loop goes from 0 to 100 in like a minute or more and then just starts over, never finishing. Nothing helps. CANT PLAY THE GAME WiIl I need to re-download the game? I hope its faster than waiting for support to look at logs and maybe not finding any other fix, but its gonna take a long time; neither mine nor DE's net is any good, when downloading the fortuna update it started at 2.5mb and was slowing down to 50kb at times.

It might not be relevant but hers specs: 32 bit system with 3 gb switch turned on just to get the Vallis not to crash. 4gb ram and 1 gb GPU, CPU intel Q6600, hdd something like 8 years old.

I'll get an antivirus scan and come check for replies.

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