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BE the k-drive


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I AM the k-drive

after 1H in orb vallis , This happen, i just pressed my regular gear button key

impossible to come back into my warframe ( or operator) , no other gear availaible , /unstuck did not worked, i even tried to jump into the pearl pit, nothing, stuck like this.


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Recently encountered this bug too.


At first, it looks just like invisible player model bug (another one DE didn't fix for years), but no, there is no player here, only hoverboard. You can't jump down from it, you can't use anything, you can't see trick points, altho u can do tricks. You can't  be damaged or die, you can't go into water. Unstuck doesn't work. The most sad part is that you can't extract via elevator (door will not open). The mission is bugged so the only way to finish it is to abort it, losing all progress.

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