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Difficulty progression of conservation is wrong


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While only the Pobber, Virmink and Bolarola are available to unlock, the progression between them is quite strange.

While Pobbers are the first animal you unlock, they are harder to catch than the Virmink for several reasons. Pobbers are tiny and jump on the ground, while virmink are big, slow, and go down immediately from one dart. Catching multiple pobbers at once is possible, but it's definitely more of a challenge because of how small they are and how fast they move. Virmink on the other hand are about as difficult as a sloth.

Right after that is the quite frustrating Bolarola, which requires either a perfect shot to its small and hard to hit weakpoints, OR as i've found out, an all out rush attack, shooting it in the scales while rolling, then running up and shooting another dart in the legs or belly, which may or may not work due to its slow reload time.

Bolarolas are very frustrating to hunt because of their very slow speed and weakpoints requiring you to either alert them (with a missed dart) or waiting alllll the way until it gets to the feeding spot, then getting in front of it and shooting.


I definitely think virmink and pobber should definitely switch places in the progression, and Bolarolas should have further changes to make them feel less slow and random to catch.

Virmink as well should have some sort of defense against you, as the pobbers have their jumping and small size, and bolarolas their impenetrable armor, while the virmink kind of can't do anything to stop you at all. I haven't unlocked the kubrodon yet so i can't speak anything on those, although i don't actually think it is possible to unlock them yet.

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