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Solaris United Standing: Delayed Standing Consumption Resulting Possibly Unlimited Use of Current Standing


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It is a bit difficult to explain with image, and I was not thinking of capturing this with video: I recently encountered this bug by accident.


How it happened:

  1. I was leveling up the Kitguns to max level for Gilding, and went to Rude Zuud on Fortuna after maxing 3 Kitguns.
  2. I had above 5k Standing, and Gilded one of my Kitguns. On UI, I noticed I still have above 5k+ Standing.
  3. Curiosity kicked in, decided to gild another: And it worked! No consumption of Standing!
  4. I decided to Gild all the Kitguns I maxed to see if it's possible to drop a rank below and left, with hopes that my account information would be updated.
  5. I checked my profile to see my remaining Standing: I had 0/77000 left.
  6. I checked my inventory, to see if my Kitguns were actually Gilded or if it was false. They were left Guilded.


That was it for the bug I recently discovered. It is just assumption, but it might be a connection problem. After Fortuna released, I have had quite numerous amounts of connection problem, ranging from "Network Not Responding" error to literal disconnection to login screen. Seeing that UI wasn't updating, even after spending Standing, it might also have to do with UI as well.


Note: Shelter Debt-Bonds were still consumed.

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