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More Color Packs!


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Yes! The different positions of the viewer makes the frame look multiple colors each could have a dual theme like Red/black  Pink/blue So you'd know what you'd be getting or Customize your own

Yes please! Shimmer with gold/silver And have it be similar to the Standard color packs but with Metallic hints so We could really make our prime frames shine.
Metallic white with gold flecks for example.

Oh my As soon as an ability or a light shines on part of the frame BOOM light show!

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Unfortunately those can't be made into colour packs because of how the colour coding works. They do plan on skins with those kind of features.

care to elaborate as to the reasoning? Details please? I'd love to hear it all even the Code strings involved

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Got all the color packs, at least the non-event ones, honestly, with my inferior color sensitivity that being a male inherently brings, i don't care there to be a 1000 different shades of purple, i'm using the classic palette a lot, the smoke palette is really only for pure black and pure white, i'm still of the idea they should let us unlock single colors, even for, lets say, 10 plat.

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