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Beam sniper rifle idea


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For quite some time now I'm fancying the idea of a rifle that goes against everything we've used to in warframe: VERY long range beam weapon.

There are some variants that spins in my head, but the base is mostly the same:

1. Equal physical damage distribution.

2. Pretty average for sniper rfile damage per round, crit and status. About 100/100/100 IPS and 20%, x2 and 20%, respectively.

3. Rather low (for beam weapon) rate of fire. No magazine - rounds are directly drawn from ammo pool. Or magazine of just 1 round and zero reload time, if that's simpler mechanic-wise.

4. Damage falloff starting very early (for sniper rifle), likely 100m top.

5. Several switchable alt-fire modes (no extra zoom levels) that modify stats.

Some longer explanations.

Equal physical damage distribution is quite obvious. Average damage and/or crit/status are to be subject ot alt-fire modes, below.

Low rate of fire is due to using sniper ammo which is rare, so about 6 or even 4 rnds/sec, but (unlikely other beams) 4 ticks of damage per round (so, we have quite decent 24 or 16 ticks per second). The ramp-up mechanic of beam weapons here is biggest enemy... I think, if it gets to max damage in four ticks of the first round that will be good enough.

Damage fallof is to be WORSE than common sniper rifles (400-600 to 50%): likely 0-600 with 40% min damage or 100-600 with 33% min damage. Being a beam has it's drawbacks.

Alt-fire modes change either damage distribution or crit/status. In first case we have three additional modes: 200/50/50, 50/200/50, 50/50/200 IPS. That's quite a lot to switch between in combat, but this definitely gives an edge. In second case we have two extra modes: crit-boost and status-boost. I'd say about 35% / x2.5 / 7% and 15% / 1.7 / 35% (CC/CDM/SC), but don't did my math today. 😉

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On 2018-11-24 at 9:11 AM, kgabor said:

Fun idea, not something i would use to powercreep with but it could definitely be a fun weapon to use.

What would its default zoom level be?

That's the biggest question. Given long range saveral levels are best, but alt-fire already occupied. The only solution I see - dynamic zoom, which floats between, f.e. x2 and x8 depending on distance to current target...


On 2018-11-24 at 7:58 PM, (XB1)Xan Lon Omega said:

When I think of beams, I think of high intensity energy/fotons/electromagnetic waves. Energy should suffer less drawbacks from the environment (like wind, gravity) so suggest the damage falloff should start further, like 800 to 1000m

Currently all sniper rifles in game have same fallof of 400-600, 50%. I think that's done to somewhat reduce possible abuse on Plains for players with top-end computers (4k, highest quality and you can zoom & snipe enemies from other end of the map). So, to stay in line falloff is needed. On the other hand, all beam weapons in game at the moment have fixed range and deal full damage up to that range. So, there's lots of question how DE do physics in Warframe, and how to best fit such differences.

Well, as an afterthought - maybe this will be better suited as Archgun weapon, since in space there's no air to impede beam's performance... Also, this opens quite interesting opportunities FX-wise for submersible missions (like LOTS of bubbles from each shot, obscuring vision and instantly alerting huge part of the map). And last but not least - given talks about "heavy guns" (aka Archguns) in Plains - well, that's quite the reason to make it fit with other weapons. It's same no fun to play something overpowered as is playing something utterly useless in my opinion...

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