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Click the spoiler below to view current kubrow/kavat stock.  

If you want to buy imprints, please message me in-game and include the name of the pet whose imprints you want.  This will help ensure that you get exactly the critter you want.  Prices are based on Morningstar's guides/their recommendations and are not negotiable - I tend to go for the middle/low end of the suggested prices anyway, with a few exceptions.

I will do my best to keep my status at the top of the thread up to date, but I might have a brain-fart and go afk or log out without updating.  I apologize in advance.

Be sure to check out my Warframe Market profile for mods and prime parts, too!  I look forward to doing business with all of you.  💖




ODIN - Triple common bulky male Sunika, striped coat.  50p.



NIMBUS - Triple common athletic female Chesa, striped coat.  20p.



BLUE -  Single rare athletic male Sahasa, domino coat.  50p.



SILVER- Triple common athletic female Chesa, domino coat.  20p.



FREYR -  Male Smeeta, tufted ears, arrow tail.  130p.



PUCK - Male Adarza, ball ears, leaf tail.  150p.


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