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My question is this:

will there be any plans on moving the rubedo plated and phased skins from steam to the Warframe market? I’m gonna to be honest, the only reason not that many people own it is because their sold by players, not DE or steam. Also, Will we ever get the Proto skins that were teased ( the ones for the bronco and lex)?

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 Is there any chance for Zephyr's Tail Wind to get some changes?

The removal of her high jump/ground launch has left me with an everlasting sour note since the rework earlier this year. It was so fun to use, and then glide around with Ogris/Angstrum/Kulstar/Staticor etc. The reworked dash goes way too far (or limits the duration of the entire kit), and has some peculiar issues when used with aim glide, while bullet jump lacks the launch speed/power and increased 'float time' that the high jump/ground launch had, even with bullet jump mods. The charged up cast -> hover is unfortunately too slow and restrictive to even compare to her pre-rework form.


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Would it be possible to allow prime weapons to use their respective unprimed version's appearence? The system is already in place for warframes, who can use the helmet and body of their unprimed, default version, would you consider doing the same for weapons?

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- Will we have the option to add the Somachord or something similar to dojo rooms in a future update?

- Would it be possible to add the music from the apostasy prologue (Recant?) to the Somachord?

- Will companions (Kubrows, Kavats, Helminth Chargers) be getting riven mods of their own?

- Will Operators be getting new in mission voice lines in the future? After what they've seen and been through so far I feel like they'd have some new things to say.

- Are there any plans for Prime Warframe noggles?

- Would it be possible to add the relic refinement machine in the observatory room in dojos?

- Will we be receiving additional Orokin decorations for dojos? Perhaps some Lua decorations?

- Are there any plans to add the Orokin Moon tileset to void fissure missions? Will Ordis receive more orbiter voice lines in the future?

Maybe some that foreshadow The New War quest?

- Are there any plans for a Stalker imprint for Kubrows in the future?

- Will Cephalon Samodeus' lore be re-added into the game in the future?

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Some questions for the dev team!

Fortuna and PoE Standing limit and economy:
There has been a rather large discussion on the Fortuna  forums related to the standing limit in both open worlds, what are the teams thoughts on this? We know you guys don't want us blowing through the content day one, but is there any internal discussions going on about the topic you can share?
In addition to the above, will PoE get the same economy adjustments Fortuna got? Such as fishing/mining resources appears in loot containers or fish not needing bait to spawn?

Modular equipment:
Another hot topic is how modular items are handled, any thoughts on the topic or changes you are able to share?

Kubrow/Kavat/Sentinal modding space:
Fortuna added a whole slue of new mods for our companions; all 3 got new 2 new set items and our furry friends got 4 new dual stat mods, in addition to vacuum. This has made it harder to fit a multitude of mods onto them, hampering their effectiveness in one way or another. What are the teams thoughts on the matter and are there any plans to look at the issue?
Additionally, will sentinal weapon mods conflicting with our warframes weapons mods be addressed?

Unreleated/mixed questions:
Any news on the Titania and Nyx reworks you can share?
More info on Pets 2.0?
Any plans to let Umbra and Moa pets roam the orbiter?
New content for The Helminth in the works?
Will Legs get more Legs as time goes on?

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Do Tenno age or are they all young?  Be interesting to see an older Tenno and how they would interact with the world that wisdom and experience comes from aging. Plus I think it would be great to slap on a late 30 year old beard onto him. Good memories of my youth but wouldn’t go back to it. Keep up the great work. 

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Fortuna: Conservation, Incursions

  • I only managed to try this mode on day 2 or 3, but I immediatelly loved it when figured out I'm supposed to do. It's interesting and also another great way to distract yourself from mindless massacre and grind. However, I can see how it can become too repititive or even boring for someone. So the question is, do you have plans on adding more animals with different behavior (birds, bear-like or cave animals etc.) as well as expanding conservation to the Plains?
  • Are there any plans to make Tranq Rifle upgradable with widgets the way Simaris Scanner is? Like reducing reload time, highlighting animals' footprints, getting dynamic zoom/zoom levels etc.
  • Have you considered kubrow pets having a role (aka hunting dog) in Conservation, mods (for example, immobilizing spooked animals with no harm or not letting them escape) offered by the Biz perhaps?
  • I've noticed Fortuna doesn't have Incursion missions and I can't remember or find if those were even planned, so... Are Incursions coming in Pt.II, or there will be something else to replace them with, or there will not be any kind of «alert» missions at all on Venus?

Fortuna: Kitguns, MOA

  • Will we see Primary variations of the Kitguns?
  • The Plains have its Plague Star event with Infested Zaw parts, what Fortuna will have? Is it going to be an Orokin-themed event with Kitgun or MOA parts (similar to the way the Corpus salvaged, reverse-engineered and created Fusion MOA, which was also the first even in the game) given the Orokin Dig Site on the Vallis? Or, given the fact the Corpus R&D successfully created latest weapons (Ocucor and Battalyst) using Sentient technology, what are the chances of Sentient and Corpus fused tech for kitgun and MOA parts?


  • Can you let us hijack those Creditwheels Coildrives, please? Haha. On the other note, do you still have plans to implement driveable wheeled vehicles (WIP was shown in DS#109)?


At this point we'll be having an air vehicle (archwing), amphibious K-Drive, wheeled vehicle a-a-and... we'll just need some Tenno boats to fish in peace to complete this set :clem:


  • Now, this one is simple, can you drop a devstream bomb by showing Deluxe Nyx Skin in the game? 😛 On a s more serious note, can you share any details on its status?
  • Any news on Nyx' kit rework?

Archwing weapons

  • How is it going with adapting AW weapons for usage on foot? Will stats be tweaked accordingly and what mods will those weapons use: Archwing weapons or regular weapons?
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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Please ask your questions here!

Now that pets have been given vacuum after four years of pestering by the community, how about we skip the next half decade of pestering and just give warframes innate vacuum without requiring a mod at all? Scale the range with warframe rank, easy peasy.

On a similar note, how about separating out pet damage mods into equippable pet weapons? Sentinels and moas can have survivability and utility mods on themselves and damage mods on their weapons, but kavats and kubrows get the short end of the stick with just the slots on the pet itself. Between the mandatory survivability mods and the mandatory utilities like Animal Instinct, vacuum, lifesteal link, and breed-specific mods, there's just no room left for even the old damage mods, to say nothing of the new dual-stats.

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Have you thought about giving older frames quest lines? I've really liked the recent quests and the lore that comes with creating a new warframe, will older warframes ever get that treatment or will it just be grind till you get it?

I've also really enjoyed playing through The Sacrifice, and having a specific weapon that came with the frame was also pretty fun, any thoughts on doing that in the future, or maybe having some weapon quests?


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Fortuna is a massive improvement over Plains of Eidolon. Great job!  Any chance we will get a subsequent quest or two to explain what the Corpus are doing in some of those Corpus sites?

Also, I know it’s a bit early, but can the next landscape please be Mars?  So many possibilities with that planet.


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Yay! I've been excited for this ever since Fortuna dropped! By the way, loving Fortuna so far! I have a few questions for the stream that I've collected from the community.

1: When will we get melee, bow, speargun, etc. stances for our Warframe Articula?

2: Will we be able to use Operators in each other's ships?

3: Will we ever be able to spawn multiple of our own Warframes in Captura? 

4: Will we get appearance tabs for the Operator?

5: Will we ever get to have multiple pets roaming the ship at a time?

6: Will Sentinels ever be able to roam the ship? (Everyone I've talked to seems to like this idea)

7: Does TennoGen fit into the lore? (Maybe the Tenno could affect the designs of Warframes somehow? I NEED confirmation!)

8: Why aren't we trying to destroy the Kuva Fortress?

9: Will Volt get cloth physics anytime soon?

10: Can we get teh ability to punch while our glaives are in flight? (We throw a glaive after holding E, it flies towards enemies, and if we are only using a glaive, we are then left without weapons. The ability to punch (Like when Zanuka captures you or during Hallowed Nightmares) would greatly improve this. Being able to equip a "Secondary Melee" weapon would help too. (Obex, Furax, etc. Basically fist weapons for while the glaive is in flight))

11: Will we ever get custom holsters for Primary and Secondary weapons?

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vor einer Stunde schrieb Voltage:

Can't wait to see what is in store for players after the release of Fortuna.

With the possibility of reintroducing sentinel Riven mods, what will the plan be for Artax? This Riven was available for only 3 days before it was removed from the pool and it's going price on PC is over 20,000 Platinum. Exclusive upgrades (Primed Chamber) set a dangerous precedent.

I think ppl trading mods at this level cant be helped anymore.

asking 20k plat for a mod = insane greedyness

paying 20k plat for a mod = insane sillyness

at last at my opinion.

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