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Moa Accessory Ideas - Make Moas Fabulous Again!


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My clan leader and i were talking about Moas today, we came up with some new Moa part ideas to make them even more fabulous!  

  • The first idea we had, R2D2 drink serving tray. This could be a head part or even a front piece. MOA BEER ME!!
  • Now wouldn't it be cool to listen to some tunes while you are kicking corpus butt? Well with a Moa boombox head you can!
  • Keeping with the party theme, a Moa disco ball head, use an energy weapon on his head to bounce frickin lasers everywhere!
  • Moa head with cables for dread locks Rastafarian knit hat just kinda lazily thrown on. they could even use one of the already made Moa heads and just add the cables and knit hat! 


  • For a back piece maybe a metal lid painted like a bulls eye, cause you know that Moa is gonna attract attention 
  • on matching pieces, what about a front and back piece that looks like a biker jacket or leather jacket or maybe a high school Letterman jacket


If you have any fabulous Moa part ideas post them in the comments!

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