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Preservation targets not spawning


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I've been doing some preservation work in Orb Vallis today and I noticed something strange.

Animals don't always spawn properly during the third phase. To quickly sum it up:

- I followed the tracks, found the calling place and baited the animals, "mission" progressed to tranq phase

- I waited near the spot using cloaked Ivara, so it's impossible that animals spotted me and got spooked

- No sign of animals anywhere, they don't come to the calling spot

- Tranq rifle doesn't beep, which indicates that there are no animals in the area even though they're supposed to be there


From what I've noticed the issue occurs after two or three hunts and so far the only way to resolve it seems to be returning to Fortuna and coming back on the surface.

I hope it'll get fixed soon cause it's disrupting the flow of exploring Orb Vallis while doing side activities.

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