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[EU] [PC] <Rymdskrot> Ghost [Clan] LF Alliance


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Greetings, I run a small clan together with some friends where we play different games on and off in our own little community. We're around 7-8 active players who loves Warframe, but not all the time so now I'm calling out there to see if there's an Alliance out there who'd like to take us in.

We've always been on the path of keeping a small and close knit clan, but with everyone not having time to farm away all night it'd be nice to have a place to find people to play with even if the clan only shows you online.

We're a voice heavy community so we all like to sit away on discord bantering away while we play. We have a dojo with maybe half of the stuff researched. Our members are sitting around 12-16 in MR. We're all based in EU and have the most activity in EU evenings, we're a nice mix of Brits, to Scots and as the clan name might suggest we have one or two people from the glorious motherland Sweden.

If there's an Alliance out there who'd like to have us or want to know some more about us i'd be happy to answer any questions here or you can contact me straight away in-game @Fieldburn

Have a good day, Tenno

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