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Performance problems in Orb Vallis


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I'm having some serious performance issues in Orb Vallis.

Usually the game runs without any problems on my computer, and I'm able to comfortably play with 40-50 frames per second. Even tilesets like Earth or PoE that have a lot going on visually don't hinder the performance much and my FPS count rarely goes below 30 even if there's a proper sh*tstorm happening ingame (crowds of enemies, teammates using flashy weapons etc).


Orb Vallis is the exception. Framerate dips to around 35 as soon as the elevator ride starts and it doesn't get any better later on. It can drop down to 20 during combat, and there's also some truly bizarre things happening. Sometimes the game slows down massively when I'm mining or looking at something that shouldn't eat up resources that much (ie calling points during preservation).

Also, enemies beyond 100 meters or so stop rendering as 3d models and are displayed as 2d sprites instead, or at least that's what it looks like. Which is super weird,because I've never seen that on the plains even when enemies were much further away. The only game I've played that also did this is Dark Souls II on PC, and it's not exactly a good port.

Overall, the situation is very surprising for me as so far Warframe was exceptionally well optimized.

I'm providing screenshots of my display settings for reference.





My PC specs:

Windows 7 SP1 64bit

Intel i5-4200M


Nvidia GeForce GT 740M



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