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Sunpoint Plasma Drill bugged (randomly vanishes from my inventory)


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This is already the second time I've lost my Sunpoint Plasma Drill (Fortuna's own mining tool) randomly after logging in to the game (which is what I suspect may trigger these dissappearances).

What I find curious about this is, I can't equip any Cetus mining tool (Nosam, Focused Nosam, Advanced Nosam) while I don't have the Sunpoint one, since it triggers the "Can't equip both [NAME OF CETUS MINING TOOL] and [SUNPOINT PLASMA DRILL] at the same time" dialogue. This may imply it is still in my inventory -somehow, and without me being able to see or interact with it- yet at the same time allowing Smokefinger (Fortuna's own miner NPC) to sell me a new one, thus "softlocking" my mining ability, as I can't use any tool without first re-buying the Sunpoint Plasma Drill.

I hope this gets fixed relatively soontm, since I don't want to spend more and more standing whenever I want to mine (I need those Marquise Thysts for Garuda). :c

PD: (We all know the people of Fortuna are in debt, but retrieving the products I've bought from them in order to get more money? that's low, buddy.)

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That cant Equip both mining drills at the same time has another massively annoying bug.. it removes that slot and moves all the end gear slots up a space.. basically changing all your hotkeys in the process...


But on another note i did have this bug myself.. however if you make sure the Cetus drill is NOT equipped.. log out then log back in.. then slot the new drill you should be fine.. you dont need the Cetus drill the Fortuna one works in Cetus and can mine all the gems

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