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Update Wukong Changes V.2


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Even though at this point its likely DE has completely forgotten about wukong and won't care to glance his way before or likely even after his prime in 2019/2020 I still can hope. So with that being said heres goes my ongoing attempts to get DE to look at wukong more than just in devstream for .2 seconds or a 5 word tweet.

 Just as a note these changes were made with the idea DE is no longer going to fully change and create new frame abilities rather change how those current abilities work. If they do decide to actually change abilities theres so much more potential.

Melee Combo has an increased time of +3 base seconds and increases at a rate of .65

One thing I've had in mind is the idea of making Wukong a combo counter manipulator. This may not work with the proposed melee 3.0 changes but as he's currently the only frame who posses an exalted weapon and doesn't have some sort of gimmick or niche tied on to it I thought making his abilities take advantage of the combo counter would be a good start.

Iron Jab:
10m range
4m aoe
Direct hits by iron jab increase combo counter by 1 aoe hits increase combo counter by .65
One handed 
Added charge mechanic that is essentially gara's 1 but adds to combo counter based on enemies hit in sweeping range

Besides adding the QOL improvements keeping with the theme of combo counter manipulation r by using the ability and giving it some slight cc would make it much more usable and better than its current place as just a meme with his augment. Giving it the extra sweep would make it useful for low level trash clear and the previously mentioned cc.

Give defy much harder energy drain scaling based on amount of deaths

Not much changes to be made to this ability in it being one of the best in game. If Wukong does get a substantial rework nerfing this ability to some degree may be warranted. However one problem it does have is at anything below level 50 you wont take enough damage to have it reliably up. To fix this make the drain on defy next to nothing when he hasnt "died" very much and make the drain more intense once he's hitting higher levels and taking more damage. One could say that defy at those low of levels is unnecessary and while at level 10-20 it may be. Its not uncommon to get killed by a group of level 40 corrupted void enemies before you have time to put your 2 up. Remember even though wukong may be the tankiest frame with defy without it he only has around 1k ehp.

Cloud Walker:
When activated combo counter decay is paused
Increased speed rather than reduced speed
Recasting while in cloud walker applies a cloud dash similar to void dash
when leaving cloud walker a 4 second window is applied in which the combo counters is paused/this resumes when an enemy is hit

Cloud walker is one of the worst abilities in the game and most definitely the worst ability on an already lackluster frame. By giving it more speed and allowing for the pausing of the combo counter cloud walker could become much more of useful ability that could be used when you've cleared out a room or just can't find an enemy to continue beating on. So not much to discuss here other than some qol and a reason to use it. This is the best i could think of while still keeping wukong turning into a cloud. However its important to note that that would still be trash garbage just usable trash garbage. In reality besides the plethora of lore abilities they could go off of they could just give him flying nimbus and personally i'd be happy. Heck they even have the code and animations in in the form of k drives. And before you say that we already have k drives we already have archwing yet titania's 4 still exists. But aside from that honestly im all for it BEING COMPLETELY CHANGED. felt like its important for me to not that part.

Primal fury:
Minimum Range increased to 4m scales with range mods on exalted weapon
Maximum range scales with power range to a cap of 16m
Change actual melee combos to better flow with pace of warframe
Increase base status to 35% scaling with combo

So wukongs staff with gladiator mod set is actually not that bad as it can consistently red crit however this is likely not intended. But it could be much better. Raising status chance to be around 30-35% means that against heavy units that matter you'd still able to crit massively while also stripping armor. Aside from that it needs to raise the base range from what i've seen to be about 5m at max to around 13-16m. This way it can compete with some of the longest weapons in the game such as the orthos prime. Also the combos should be changed. Personally i have no problem with them but its easy to see how someone could get turned off from using his staff based on how clunky the combos can be.

TL;DR: DE pls rework my main (;_;)

Side Note:smash that like button 50 likes and I eat a picture of DE_Pablo everyday until we get a wukong rework :DAB:

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