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My thoughts after about a week


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Loved it, I was always a huge fan of SSX and Tony Hawk's Underground; but those were solely dedicated to making a game that showed tricks and an extreme sport. Warframe, while they did a fairly good job, isn't that. K-drive doesn't really go faster than archwing (which we as a community have expressed in the past is useless aside from getting around quickly and even then our operators, with the proper focus passives, can move faster than an archwing). Our combo counter caps at 3000 and it's really easy to get a 40-50x multiplier if you do the proper tricks. The "grindy" mechanic seems buggy or very vague, it's hard to tell at this point. It's definitely a fun thing to do on the side of everything else, but once Fortuna has run its course I'm going back to kuva farming.


EDIT: About people thinking about posting about using weapons from the K-Drive, I believe DE has no plans to allow us to use our weapons from the K-Drive (though I admit that would be pretty sweet as a "smash and grab" kind of tactic)

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