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The Problem with FEATURED DOJOS


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Been something I've been sitting on for a while, hoping DE would announce something that would rectify this obvious oversight, but nothing happened... so here it goes...


Alliances have been skipped over for a long time.

While there has been one nice thing that popped in the way of the Treasury Post's addition of "Donate to Allied Clan", that doesn't really excuse the lack of even the slightest attention given to them in all other aspects.


Now... how does this relate to "Featured Dojos"? One thing that should have happened long before that idea is the ability for those within an alliance to hop over to other dojos within the same alliance, all without needing an invite. This could even be controlled within a toggleable setting for each individual clan, but it is definitely something that would be far more useful than the current "Featured Dojos". Alliances could even "feature" specific clans within them to have icons in the spots currently occupied by the global "Featured Dojos". Other clans that would be unable to fit in that area (since an alliance can have a max of 400 clans in it) would be just within a similar list to how clans already show up in an Alliance's Management Panel, along with various methods to sort and search.


Featured Dojos themselves should be placed somewhere else on the starchat, not in the direct vicinity of a clan's dojo that a person is in. I've now seen it more than a few times where new (or even returning) players get mistaken into thinking the listed "Featured Dojos" are related to the clan/alliance they are in due to their placement on the StarChart.


Both allowing Alliances to "feature" certain dojos within them and to move the globally "featured dojos" elsewhere would improve the current setup and navigation of the starchart allow for some nice Quality of Life improvements.


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