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Kuva Defense


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For those of us who love the defense model, give us a Kuva Defense mission to grind out Kuva needs.

Suggested model

#1: Kuva Fortress Defense: We discovered a Kuva collection facility and have to defend the transfer of a kuva unit to extraction. The target is on a conveyor belt and moves each phase. As it is transporting, any damage taken is reduced from the Kuva gain. Let’s say it starts out at 5k and we collect kuva every 10 waves like arbitration’s with the longer rotations. Every rotations reward is a 1.5x multiplier to the next rotations Kuva base amount. So the 2nd rotation would be 7,500 kuva. To balance the high amount, the enemies need to start out at lvl 65 and scale from there.

2# Give us a side quest from Ordis, he has discovered a strange message being transmitted from the Kuva Fortress. Clem got stuck on the ship trying to find something to beef up his Twin grakataa. Darvo explains they recently got intel that the Kuva siphons had a refocus module that could be manipulated and asked you to collect a few things. After you complete the missions you get a Kuva cipher blueprint that allows you to hack the siphons during standard siphon/floods, now the ticks no longer become your potential fails but the total successes you need to receive the full amount.

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FYI, Any additional game modes are always welcome, so the below is not to derail your post or ideas.. :)



I believe the limited Kuva issues don't get addressed because DE looks at the raw data and see a percentage of players earning high amounts of Kuva...

This is because a number of players have the unique ability to re-run Kuva Floods all day long....while the other players can only run this mission once per hour...


This is done by:-

The player wanting to run the KUVA FLOODS multiple times is the HOST.

They would then invite a player to the squad, who would load the node for the squad, but would then disconnect from the squad at the start of the mission/loading in.

The remaining players would complete the FLOOD, then repeat as above..

Yes a player would go without running the node for an hour, but some individuals would use a second console(separate account)  in their house to achieve this...


By doing the above for 1 hour with a resource booster can yield somewhere in the region of 50,000 Kuva per hour,, I have known some players to earn around 250,000 Kuva a day by using this technique..


In the interest of fairness to players, I ask that the DEVS to look at putting locks on the node rewards themselves to allow for running once per hour as intended..... then they will see a huge decline in the amount of Kuva then actually look at implementing the following:-


Have KUVA enemies actually drop Kuva as a resource, just like Ferrite etc....giving people a reason to play the awesome tile set that was created....

On Relics, get rid of some those SILVER FORMA rewards from the relics and add KUVA in 500, 1000 quantities instead...

Update the start chart rewards with Kuva drops as opposed the same MOD over and over.... 

Look at adding events with additional inflated Kuva numbers as rewards



To assist players who don't want to spend their limited game time and quit their jobs in farming Kuva for rolling 1 Riven, maybe look at adding additional ways in which a RIVEN can be rolled, maybe earning 1000 kills with the weapons that Riven is equipped too, can offer a roll to the user? 











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