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You can tell that I like Warframe pretty much, because...


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... I completely skip Red Dead Redemption 2 during the week (and it's such a damn fine game).

You know the drill, come up with your answers why you like Warframe, true or silly or both. Start with  "...I"


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vor 29 Minuten schrieb Eisdschungel:

... l actually sometimes greet people with shwazdo-lah.

Ayoo! ("Ei joh!", same pronunciation, is actually something from of our local dialect meaning as much as "Most certainly!"). :tongue:
image2174~_v-sr__169__313.jpg "Ei Joh! Das glaabschde awwer!" (Most certainly! You would be well advised to believe it!)
Our local Konzu. Yes, we're about as rural as the Ostron...

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