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Conservation Tweaks


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Three tweaks to improve conservations and make it less frustrating.

1. Increase the delay between the tranq-rifle being fired and the creature reacting to the sound, at the minute it happens pretty much the frame after the gun is fired (note human reaction time is about 300ms). This means a perfectly clean shot at the belly of Bolarola will miss while is rises up at the feeding location, because it immediately moves to it's on guard animation causing a medium range shot to miss most of the time. This basically means you best chance it hit it is from the side while it's walking and not the front while it's feeding, or to just used Ivara's Quiver ability to bypass using the tranq-rifle altogether.

2. If the creature is in line of sight, disable the glow effect while zoomed in on the tranq-rifle, the glow is disorienting against the snow and make targeting a particular part of the creature (like the underside of Bolarola) difficult because more then half the time you can't tell where the scales end the fur begins thanks to the creature glow bright orange.

3. Give slightly more time between successfully using the echo lure and the creature spawning, it seems to happen instantly, which gives very little time to get into position, also Biz can still be explaining what to do by the time the creature has seen you currently due to the lack of a delay.

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I definitely agree about the sound delay- it might give players that don't have Ivara or Banshee a fighting chance to get more than one Pobber. Bolarolas can also be troublesome to use the tranq on; however, the projectile's elevation drops off starting from a short distance of around 40m, so that could potentially help in hitting its belly from the front.

I don't think I've had the glow issue on the animals, but perhaps others have.
I can agree with this or allowing the animal to spawn further away, plus it can be tough to tranq any animal if they spawn downwind from you (especially if you were already downwind from the bait.)

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