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With Fetch out, please update Retrieve


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Picked this forum intentionally, so you should see where this is going!

Now that we have [Fetch] available, much of the Chesa [Retrieve] Mod's effect is now superfluous if not actively disadvantageous.  I propose that it be changed to include the ability to hunt down the Call point after starting to Track an animal.  It would be really cool to actually have a hunting dog as our Kubrow, and it sort of does that for plants already so it could likely be adjusted to include Call points. Chasing our Kubrow to the point could assist people with colorblindness or poor tracking skills while being a fun thematic alternative.  The [Scan Lifeforms] mod on the Oxylus sentinel is for Conservation, so there is some precedence for having a companion involved in Conservation.  Similarly, the recent Hotfix 24.0.4 assisted warframe powers in affecting Conservation targets, so it seems DE is interested in encouraging player Loadout choices which affect Conservation.


Bonus: As further hunting Kubrow alternatives, Sunika's [Unleashed] could be used to chase down and pin the Conservation target after completing the Lure Call, while Raksa's [Howl] could prevent a Conservation target from running.  Those mods are not in need of an update as much as [Retrieve] though, and updating [Unleashed] would likely require animation changes which cost more development time.

Thanks for reading!

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