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Mecha and Synth set mods


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Hi! So, i was playing a lot with new set mods and they are realy cool, it's realy nice to see something, what makes playing with companions and pets a lot funier! All unique bonuses bring diversity in game, and it's intresting to make every one work. But i have something between a question and suggestion. Maybe it's reasonable make Helminth able to equip Mecha mods and MOA Synth? It's not like Moa will be broken or something because of that, they share same mods with sentinels, i just thought it would be natural to see that. Well, i agree that MOA work diffrent, they don't just explode after enemies killing them, you have time to patched it and bring back to battle. But Helminth is just a regular dog, he does look like a realy old milk cowered in mushrooms. Like 2 years old milk, which somehow was in fridge, that your family wanted to throw away or sell it, but it was standing in your room, so you was the only one, who was disturb by that fridge and it was okay for others just let it be there. That kind of milk. So, my point is... Helminth is not an old milk? Yes, it is dog, and it would be nice to see Mecha mods being equipable! Unless, you prepared something even greater, like their own set mods, which will come in a future. Just a thought. Or maybe a suggestion. Or a question...

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