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Missing creatures


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dont know where precisely i'd put this in the categories, so im leaving it out on the main...


in order, i get start the tracking, follow the footsteps, find the next and do the call... i get a response (generally), but about 1/3rd or so of the hunts i did today the creatures just werent there. the marker has me at "Find and Tranq the creature", or stage 3 of the hunt... but the animal is literally nowhere within the boundaries of the area i can walk without ending the hunt.

the other oddity is that i will go fishing and sometimes the fish spawn under the terrain. verified it with the scanner... quite honestly im assuming that both cases are the same thing fundamentally, as theres been situations where my warframe has, due to rather random circumstances managed to end up under the ground and fall out of the world before landing back at the fortuna elevator. best guess on the conservation critters is that they are sometimes falling through the terrain on spawn, which would explain the initial beep and then the absolute absence of anything after.

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