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mission map bugs getting much more frequent


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solo runs

syndicate missions , today’s example:  on corpus maps enemies and loot spawning outside of map. rescue target is one shot and mission fails (no revive time). 

examples this week: hive mission hallways filled with rescue mission lasers.

this is on top of standard kuva missions being bug filled with tenno camera locks multiple times, making kuva survival a better option for game play.

on top of this controller issues are now chronic during game play. weapons are swapped when downed or from transferrence. i’ve gone from holding a primary going to transferrence to melee out of it or  excal with exalted blade up, which to say excal+4 -> tenno -> excal w melee equipped. excal had lots of energy going so no reason at all for his 4 to disengage and even so no reason at all for melee to be equipped.

transferrce back to frame, frame is crouched, a chronic issue.


on landing ship decorations can take several second to render. the star chart has been taking several seconds to render (add in the normal transition eye strain and its very tiring).

game play is verging on bad

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'A blast door has blocked your evacuation route' in a corpus/grineer sabotage, which used the grineer breaching pod tile (aka warframe washing machines).  The console we needed to activate to open the door, was put in the grineer section of the map, that we had no way of getting back to.

And yeah, weapon swap, weapon mode swap, buff ability removal (like my iron skin after the washing machine cycle, or every time I bump one of those invisible ceilings that are always placed too low to get to the hidden areas near the top of some tilesets, Mars being the worst for this), too many states are not being remembered, when transitioning between others (the worst example being swapping to operator, and when you swap back all your abilities are disabled, including transference).

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