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Garuda's gore not responsive to disabled in-game gore?


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I'm probably in the minority here, but I detest the goriness of Garuda. It is so unlike Warframe to put such a thing into their normally clean game. I am highly disappointed in this move, and in the developers.  I thought more of them before this. 

But, it is what it is, so be it.  

What I want is the ability to personally TURN OFF the disturbing and copious amount blood animations just like I can turn off the rest of the gore in the game.  This leaves others to enjoy it, but enables me to remove it.  Seems like a fair request.

I also have children in the house and do not want them walking in while that is displayed on my screen -- I don't personally use her due to her gore, but others do so she can potentially be on the screen whenever I am playing public.

Would you PLEASE consider this request DE?


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