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My First Impressions of Garuda


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Quite a good Warframe really.  The visual design is quite nice and I have yet to run into problems with the claws blocking my aim ridicule. The chest was a bit tricky to find any attachments that didn't stick out but other then that I didn't have much trouble getting a nice fashion frame going with her.


Her abilities while overall very nice has a few rough edges that need fixing.

Her passive while quite nice is too fleeting to be worth dipping into.  When you are low on health you're either going to die soon or be trying to heal as quickly as you can.  Also any builds that actually attempt to keep at low HP for long periods of time will utterly despise healing powers like those of Trinity, Harrow and Oberon. My suggestion would be to have a decaying buff for damage, that way you can keep the increased damage even with healing frames in the mix.

Her Dread Mirror ability is my favourite of the her kit.  Bouncing from enemy to enemy while building up the blood orb before lauching it for massive damage is quite fun.  The only issue with it is with the out of bounds bug that randomly teleports the user into the void.  Best hope that all Garuda users know about the /unstuck command.  A suggestion for an augment mod would be to give a damage increase for each successive dread mirror in a row.  Also I feel that Dread Mirror should instant kill on stealth attacks, but this might be too powerful.

Blood Altar is next and feel this ability is quite good for healing and promotes intelligent play. When I find myself using Dread mirror on a group of enemies I always spend the time to turn one into a blood Altar for myself to keep topped up.  The range is a slight issue but not that big a deal really.  It does keep Garuda locked down to one place but 2-3 altars can out heal most damage.  A augment suggestion here would be to turn the altar target into an explosive trap on the recast.

Bloodletting is fine.  I like it as it is.  You can't spam the button without dying which is good and works well with the passive.

Seeking Talons is a fine ability but lacks clarity.  I would suggest giving her an visual indicator to the target area much like Nidus's first ability. Not much else to say here.


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I hope the "Fall through the Map" Bug with her 1 gets looked at because it happend to me in Orb Vallis and it teleport me to the beginning of the Map. Also, there's another bug and i don't know if DE fixed it yet but the enemies can get up from your Blood Alter and be invincible. But the Tweaks you suggested looks good though.

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