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Garuda's Charge Abilities, multiple bugs


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Double checked to ensure that the keybinding still worked with other charge abilities, such as those on Hydroid, which worked correctly.

Charging from the normal ability hotkeys (Ability A, Ability B, etc) work as expected, when 'Use Abilities on Selection' is toggled on in the Controls options.

When using the 'Use Selected Power' Hotkey:

Garuda's 1, Blood Mirror, will only use the uncharged version, dashing to an enemy, in all circumstances.

Garuda's 4, Seeking Talons, initially would cast immediately and not charge when using the 'Use Selected Power' keybinding, but began working properly unexpectedly. Have not been able to reproduce this bug.


'Use Ability On Selection' Bug:

Toggling 'Use Abilities On Selection' to OFF does not affect Garuda's 1 properly. The ability will still cast when using 'Ability A', but only the uncharged version. The ability will not charge when holding the button under this setting.

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