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New Warframe Achievement Ideas, Part 5


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Said I'd make more, and here are more. I'll make a Part 6 later.


1) Go Speed Racer!!: Paint your K drive to the colors of the Mach 5, then travel 1967 miles across either the Vallis or Plains of Eidolon.

190-Mach-5.jpg (here's the Mach 5)

2) GRAKATA!!! : Help Clem with a Clem Clone and have only Grakatas equipped.

3) Sucker Punched: One hit kill an enemy with a punch/kick melee weapon.

4) Wings of Death: Use Garuda's 4th ability 666 times.

5) Lady Aviators: Use both Zephyr's and Garuda's 4th ability 20 times in a defense mission.

6) Punted: Kick away 100 enemeis using punch/kick melee weapons.

7) Tony Hawk Wannabe: Rack up a score of 900 off a single jump. Chekchek?

8) Pipeline: Grind on any pipe or rail for at least 30 seconds.

9) Wipeout: Take a smack to the rack by crashing into any building or terrain at top speed on your K drive.

10) Make Zuud Happy: Murderize 150 enemies after purchasing Zuud's Daily Special.

11) Ghost Squad: Deploy 3 specters in any mission in solo mode.

12) Kitbasher: Build 50 components for Roky or Zuud, then bash together 10 different loadouts.

13) From Afar: Headshot 50 enemies from 500 meters away.

14) Quietly: Stealth kill all enemies and successfully extract all data in a spy mission.

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