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Fast Lure charge



There is a tricky that I still don't know, and it is what volt/trinity/harrow do while, during or after chroma grabs the lure. People say to teleport or blind to a certain rock that I dunno, and that will make voms spawn for chroma to charge the first lure.

Can someone elaborate on it?

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On 2018-11-15 at 8:51 PM, MPonder said:

Can someone elaborate on it?


Fast Charge:

This is a technique to quickly charge the first lure that Chroma gets, so that the Teralyst does not teleport.


As Host (usually Chroma)

Enter plains YQ8JmOEjZpnhOltFQUJHMLAhpFuFyNEBTElwc3yV_3evEse_pyxmSdeTfG2BqEOhxp0iuVrIyGUKLjPsY024tZcURU6YsJnhxDn9Qb3bLyGlXq2cdoadq9q_MSTHiO86GU6QdcN2Hack lure from Twin Horns YQ8JmOEjZpnhOltFQUJHMLAhpFuFyNEBTElwc3yV_3evEse_pyxmSdeTfG2BqEOhxp0iuVrIyGUKLjPsY024tZcURU6YsJnhxDn9Qb3bLyGlXq2cdoadq9q_MSTHiO86GU6QdcN2 Go back to Spawn YQ8JmOEjZpnhOltFQUJHMLAhpFuFyNEBTElwc3yV_3evEse_pyxmSdeTfG2BqEOhxp0iuVrIyGUKLjPsY024tZcURU6YsJnhxDn9Qb3bLyGlXq2cdoadq9q_MSTHiO86GU6QdcN2 Go to this location YQ8JmOEjZpnhOltFQUJHMLAhpFuFyNEBTElwc3yV_3evEse_pyxmSdeTfG2BqEOhxp0iuVrIyGUKLjPsY024tZcURU6YsJnhxDn9Qb3bLyGlXq2cdoadq9q_MSTHiO86GU6QdcN2 Damage Vomvalysts so the lure can get charged.


As party members (Volt, Harrow, Trinity.. etc)

Enter plainsYQ8JmOEjZpnhOltFQUJHMLAhpFuFyNEBTElwc3yV_3evEse_pyxmSdeTfG2BqEOhxp0iuVrIyGUKLjPsY024tZcURU6YsJnhxDn9Qb3bLyGlXq2cdoadq9q_MSTHiO86GU6QdcN2Wait until chroma hacks a lure YQ8JmOEjZpnhOltFQUJHMLAhpFuFyNEBTElwc3yV_3evEse_pyxmSdeTfG2BqEOhxp0iuVrIyGUKLjPsY024tZcURU6YsJnhxDn9Qb3bLyGlXq2cdoadq9q_MSTHiO86GU6QdcN2 Dash to this log or This generic area  YQ8JmOEjZpnhOltFQUJHMLAhpFuFyNEBTElwc3yV_3evEse_pyxmSdeTfG2BqEOhxp0iuVrIyGUKLjPsY024tZcURU6YsJnhxDn9Qb3bLyGlXq2cdoadq9q_MSTHiO86GU6QdcN2 Mark Vomvalysts for Chroma YQ8JmOEjZpnhOltFQUJHMLAhpFuFyNEBTElwc3yV_3evEse_pyxmSdeTfG2BqEOhxp0iuVrIyGUKLjPsY024tZcURU6YsJnhxDn9Qb3bLyGlXq2cdoadq9q_MSTHiO86GU6QdcN2 Go to Terralyst.


Why should we do this?

This saves you an immense amount of time getting the first lure charged so the Teralyst does not teleport, doing this technique saves at least of 30 seconds. It is very important to learn this and do it every single run.


taken from:


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