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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

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Really appreciate the decision to revert those recent Archwing control changes.

Judging by the variety of opinions, a new system for managing Archwing controls might be needed.

Any word on why we should have to deal with weather effects on our pets now? Just when we were enjoying a huge boost to the fun factor of both Kavats and Kubrows, something like this arrives and puts another bug in our collective ear to be watching for. What gives?


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hi! thanks for the fix.. can you please fix grinding on k-drives please? ill be midway through a combo and it will pretty often cancel the grind animation on its own and spoil the combo.. it overly triggers me, especially when trying to farm kdrive standing! haha thank you.. hope you see this

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Anyone else crashing a ton now? I'm verifying download cache and optimizing now to see if this fixes it. Crashed twice trying to click on navigation to go to a mission. Been more crashes in the last 10 minutes then I've had in the past 3 months.

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And yet, no mention of Lua's Stofler mission.
It's been, from the latest forum posts I've seen, at least 6 days (At least from the oldest post I've found mentioning it) that this mission has an infinite fall glitch for all players that are not the host of the mission when the platform falls.

This is absolutely ridiculous, considering this was not a problem until recently and it's a necessary mission for unlocking the Eris Junction.  So now I cannot even get to Eris, because it's required to get to 15 waves of defense, but the defense point falls to a point where only one person can get to, and the other 3 members are stuck up on the cliff edge, or infinitely falling in place with the screen blacking out and teleporting up again like we're falling out of bounds.

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26 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7


  • Keep your pets warm, Tenno. They may react differently now to the cold snow of the Orb Vallis...
  • MOA Companions now have a custom warp teleport FX/sound when teleporting closer to you.
  • Reduced the amount of Terra enemies spawning in the last mission of the Vox Solaris quest to balance difficulty.
  • Improved water rippled textures and FX when firing into it.
  • Optimized numerous materials used in Fortuna and the Orb Vallis for better performance when Anisotropic Filtering is enabled.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to visibility culling.
  • Made a tiny optimization to UI text layout.
  • Made a small optimization to Orb Vallis Ambush Bounties. 
  • Reverted the Sky Archwing sprint changes from Hotfix 24.0.4 to return it back to the way it was.
  • Changed the Bounty reward HUD title to display the Bounty title instead of the redundant ‘BOUNTY REWARD’. 

Conservation Changes & Fixes:

  • Changed the Sapcaddy Bait to the intended Mirewinder Bait. Broad-Spectrum Bait is your desired Sapcaddy cocktail.
  • Animals that wake up from their invulnerable sleep due to certain Warframe Abilities will become vulnerable once again. Timing and speed is your best bet for that Perfect Capture!
  • Fixed a captured animals age sometimes showing as ‘4 years 12 months’.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when capturing an animal in Orb Vallis.

Ticker Changes:
Since the initial release of Fortuna, the acquisition of Debt-Bonds has proven to require further changes in order to bring balance between the procurement methods. As it is known, you can obtain Debt-Bonds by purchasing Ticker’s Case# or from Bounty rewards. Ticker’s inventory not only took quite some time to refresh, but the inventory itself did not offer a diverse source at any given time. Considering the cost at which Debt-Bonds are required to Rank up in Solaris United, we have made the following changes to bring a more balanced rotation for Ticker:

  • There will now always be 3 Common, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Rare Case# available at any given time.
  • Increased the rate at which Ticker’s Case# inventory refreshes by reducing the duration they persist for. 


  • Fixed a rare crash when transitioning from Cetus/Fortuna to Plains/Vallis. 
  • Fixed ability for Clients to pick up multiple of the same Toroid. 
  • Fixed not receiving Standing for completing Bounties given by Captured base Field Agents in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed immediately failing the Drone Defense Bonus condition due to certain Status Effects applying to the Drone in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed the Fetch Mod not functioning for a Client Venari. 
  • Fixed KitGuns not applying negative damage modifiers for projectile based Chambers and Zaws not applying negative damage modifiers to projectiles launched from the Exodia Contagion Arcane.
  • Fixed Terra enemies creating invisible/invulnerable Reinforcement Beacons when killed mid-Beacon deploy in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed Submersible Archwing disabling Garuda’s Talons.
  • Fixed Garuda's Talons not distinguishing the Stance slot when Polarizing/swapping.
  • Fixed MOA Companions sometimes not responding after using the Security Override Mod.
  • Fixed a visual error where Standing appeared to not be deducted when Gilding a Kitgun. 
  • Fixed inability to equip Dual-Sword Stance Mods on the Dark Split-Sword.
  • Fixed Resources displaying as 0 in the Clan Vault.
  • Fixed inability to set any Dojo Hall as a spawn point.
  • Fixed bad rotation on the Custom Obstacle Course start trigger in the Dojo.
  • Fixed the MOA Companion trying to shoot at non-visible targets.
  • Fixed the MOA Companion Security Override Precept (Oloro Model) not functioning sometimes.
  • Fixed the MOA Companion Tractor Beam Precept (Oloro Model) not alarming enemies.
  • Fixed ability to run around underwater after ragdolling off a K-Drive into it in the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed Garuda’s Dread Mirror not functioning properly when using a controller with activate selected power button or "classic controls".
  • Fixed numerous Defense tilesets breaking.
  • Fixed Relic drop locations displayed in the Codex only displaying one Bounty source when they actually drop from both Cetus and Fortuna Bounties.
  • Fixed the Orb Vallis Resource Capture mission progress UI breaking when Transferring from Operator to Warframe.
  • Fixed Reinforcement Beacon Health bars not indicating Health correctly for Clients in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed Archwing End of Mission progress not displaying after buying or building a K-Drive.
  • Fixed Scanners becoming 'stuck on' if you melee while Scanning (i.e. it would go back to aiming after the melee attack even if you're not holding fire).
  • Fixed lighting issues in the Spaceport in the Orb Vallis. 
  • Fixed falling loop whooshes persisting permanently after a Host migration.
  • Fixed sound not playing when hovering over Daily Tribute reward item.
  • Fixed permanent looping sound when choosing a Daily Tribute reward.
  • Fixed "COPY MAIN COLORS" for Attachments when using Garuda and having a normal Melee weapon equipped filling the first three color slots as grey.
  • Fixed a placeholder text displaying beside item info popups for Reusable Blueprints. 
  • Fixed a script error when the Rescue Target bleeds out.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Blood Altar ability. 
  • Fixed a script error when upgrading a Mod.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing the Appearance tab in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a Daily Tribute script error.

Still need fix for Joyride achievement not being detected by steam

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I have to say, less tetra is appreciated as the never ending sequence of enemies fly-kicking me into orbit (while laying down bounce pads, slowly expanding knock-up auras and spawning hyena with various nonsense dash-leap attacks) every other second gets monotonous real fast when they spawn behind you every 10-15 seconds. 

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28 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7


  • Keep your pets warm, Tenno. They may react differently now to the cold snow of the Orb Vallis... 
  • Reverted the Sky Archwing sprint changes from Hotfix 24.0.4 to return it back to the way it was. 


How exactly are we supposed to keep our pets warm?  Are we supposed to set them on fire with the ignis or something because it's not like there's any mods for that purpose on pets unlike warframes...not that we actually have any space for any new mods as weve got a few too many 'mandatory' mods on pets which are quite restricting.

Skywing changes - much appreciated. 


Now if you could maybe look at spawns over at space port (nothing mentioned) and garuda's 'something is in the way' issue with her 1 that would be great...

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