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Downed NPCs walking about or sliding across the floor.


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Hello there

There's an awful bug during both NPC defence or rescue where if the NPC is downed there's a chance they'll get up and walk around or they'll slide around on their bum. Below are some snapshots of the occurrence, it's happened to me 4 times all in all during sortie solos. the snaps below are from the 3rd time it happened, the 4th time the NPC slid across the floor so fast he collided with an asset and was stopped so I was able to revive him.

Because you're unable to revive whilst moving means you'll always fail the mission due to this bug so it would be nice if it could be fixed. ☺️




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Since FOrtuna update a weirdest bug appear and prevented me and some other play the game.  But this bug still exist ??? If I'm not mistake it surely happened during Chimera update, maybe since Chroma Prime release patch or Mask of revenant.

And you can use your Operator or warframe to block their direction, use it cause atleast it will trap them in most scenarios.

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