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Clan vault resources show as 0?


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So i have this issue (and apperently im not the only one) that when contributing, you can clearly see the clan vault materials being available. I contribute the materials, it prompts me "contribution successful" and the decoration turns blue. Move on to the next one and then it shows this: 4il3GHt.jpg

Why the crap does it say we have 0 materials in the clan vault? Sometimes after waiting a long time or relogging, it shows that there is resources available again. I finish that decoration and it goes back to 0. Clan vault shows we have plenty of material (with the subtracted amount that i contributed to a decoration)

As you can see, it has removed the materials (in this case its missing the 1500 oxium, from the 68 041 oxium that was originaly shown in the first screenshot)

This is really annoying, since im trying to finish a huge dragon we built in the sandbox room, that my members eagerly contributed materials for. Now i cant finish more then 1 decoration without having to relog or wait for an eternity. In this pace, i wont be done with the contributions for the next few weeks. Please look into this issue. Im definetly no the only one that has experienced this issue, since i've talked about this in my alliance, One of the main warlords from coup de grace sent me a link that one of their warlords posted whilst trying to decorate, showcasing the exact same issue! Sincerely -Thevikingoflove1337, Founding warlord of Darklight Collective.

-Credits to "Zilchy" showcasing this issue in his video:


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