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Gripes about new UI elements added for Conservation gameplay


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As the title says, this is just some feedback regarding the UI for conservation.

I've noticed that if you get on a K-drive (and possibly archwing; haven't tested) while you have an echo-lure out, the minimap will show ALL conservation start points, not just those for the specific echo-lure you have equipped.  However, if one expands the map, or opens the advanced map, only the conservation start points for the currently equipped echo lure will be shown. 

It can be annoying, because you often have to clear enemies from the area near the start point/trail/call point, which requires you to equip a weapon, therefore your current waypoint disappears, and upon re-equipping a lure, you might see the nearest spawn point on the map and assume it is for the animal you are hunting, only to realize it is not when you get to the call point and don't have the correct lure.

It's more of an annoyance than anything significant, but I thought I'd post about it...

Too many times I thought I was following one animal's trail, when it was actually some other animal...


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