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Smoke palette default color bug


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Idk how to explain this or which catagory fits it so here goes. When i log into warframe. My ivara/mesa/rhino/weapons EVERYTHING gets default colored. If i add any white or grey colors from smoke color palette. it disappears if i relog. and my sigils on any frame will be turned in a 45 degree angle with default customization. i usually see my white color always as disappears and swaps out with a default color. like it was reset. at any weapons warframes sentinel beasts archwing u name it. idk how to upload screenshot in this forum post but i uploaded to imgur. here is a screenshot how my mesa articula and my ivara looks like when i log into warframe: https://imgur.com/a/NEhvhBl  That is NOT how it should look like. THIS is how they should look like: https://imgur.com/a/BszwR7G As u can see. My colors are getting trashed to default every time i log into warframe. and ruins all my frame fashion all the time. now ive given up to sort this out. so ill go look stupid. i started to encounter this bug ever since chimera was released and saw that other players had this bug. thought its still not fixed. and bothers me. Best regards and hopes.



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