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Garuda's 1 jump


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She got seriously problem with her pathfinding on mentioned skill, sometimes frame can bug and jump into opposite direction than target (who still get hit and garuda still got shield) or worst scenario - she can jump out of map. I cant explain how to reproduce first one with jumping in opposite direction but with second one i can help. It happens when i jump very high on full speed, then target enemy below me and press 1. Garuda jump to him and sometimes it works as it should but other times she "jump" through floor texture. And as there is no "wall" below we can fall into infinity blackness (or "true void"). You should be able to recreate it on your own, just try jumping and spam her 1, after a while i can do it 5 times in a row :P. That bug sucks when you go long-run survival (about 2 hours) and you get no rewards as you have to leave match. It's serious bug, bcs of that i dont play garuda anymore - best thing in her was that "rush" but right now im afraid of using her skills 😞

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