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Synth Fiber Doesn't work.


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No idea if the health orbs increase armor - Djinn seemed just as squishy after applying mod as before - with a nekros swimming in Health Orbs.

But specifically "Holstering Primary and Secondary weapons reload 5% of Magazine/s" 

Using Djinn, Rubico, and Sicarus Prime, switching between Rubico and Sicarus NEITHER reloaded. Ever. No matter how long I waited before switching back. 

  • I tried reloading manually, firing one shot, then putting it away to see if it would ever top off the magazine - nope.
  • then I tried emptying gun completely before switching weapons - then when i switched back it was still empty. (waited up to a 3 minutes)

I was host on Vallis, only one in squad but was on public.

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I've noticed when running around with the full Synth set that sometimes my unequipped weapons reload much slower than they should (a few minutes before they seemed to be working fine). I think it might be that the Synth mods active on your Sentinel (or their contribution to the set bonus at least) stop working once your sentinel respawns after dying. Try seeing if the reload bonus works as soon as you load into a mission, before your Sentinel dies.

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  • 2 weeks later...

While playing with the "Hema" after dropping to 0 ammo and swapping i expected it to reload. It did not, and I played rest of match without a primary because it also caused the primary reload to fail and trying to fire cause the game to read it as no more ammo was available and forced me to switch to secondary. 

 Also neat interaction: while having synth fiber on sentinel, it allows one to pick up a health orb without needing it. which has some neat interactions with the mods ,equilibrium and health conversion. to name a few so far. 

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