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Garuda suggestions


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So, first of all, Garuda is great looking frame and her abilities are okay, but there is still plenty of room for improvements.

During my play time with Garuda, I noticed 2 annoying bugs - random teleporting all over, above or below the map, not sure what causes it, seems random and casting her 3 on enemy who get killed before animation is finished locks all her abilities, saying "Ability in use". Other then these, no major problems.

So, as for improvements. Her 1 needs it a lot, Invincibility only in front is not that good, especially in game like Warframe. In narrow corridors, its usefull, but other that that, not really. So, my suggestion is turn this ability into DMG reduction ability. My idea is, on cast she would perform a leap on the enemy, ripping him apart as it is now, covering herself with bones, blood and gore but instead of creating shield, a certain amount of percentage will show on custom UI element, for example 30%, so you need to leap on 2 more enemies to get full 90% reduction. And now there are 2 option. First - keep it duration based, with every leap increase duration for exaple by 15 sec to max 45 sec and when 15 sec of max duration runs out, 1 charge (our exaple 30%) of DMG reduction would dissapear or would slowly fade away over these 15 sec. And second - after achieving max DMG reduction, it start to slowly fade away and to restore it, simply leap on another enemy. It doesnt have to be neccesary DMG reduction, some armour building would work too, similar to Atlas and his rumble mechanic. But somehow keep the DMG absorbtion for the throwing heart, this thing is really fun.

As for her 2, there is no need to do some drastic changes, ability work well, but again, some slight DMG reduction while healing inside radius of ability would be great.

Her 3, good ability, the only change I would personally do is instead of cuting half total health, it would half the half and so on, of course with lower energy refund. The it is now, 2 casts and you are on your minimal health, where on higer levels is instakill.

And her ultimate, again good ability and only suggestion here would be change from line of sight ability to radial ability, but to balance it, energy cost would ramp up as you are charging all these blades to some area cap, affected by you power range.

That is it, if you made it here despite my not so perfect English, thank you, hope this will give DE some ideas and make Garuda even better frame.

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