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The War Within- Fortuna items glitch/bug


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When replaying the war within with the new fortuna operator gear something major glitches out. The Golden Maw doesn't appear if you equip any fortuna armor piece. What I mean by this is that the Maw is invisible but still exists and can kill you. Another thing to note is that when using Garuda in the quest it works fine until heading into the asteroid field. When you land in the asteroid Garuda's claws or any Kitguns don't work. DE please fix this soon as this has stopped my progression throughout the game that I truly enjoy.

Edit: apparently The golden Maw appears invisible to players regardless of armor choice.


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Just adding my 2c worth her too since I'm also having the invisible maw glitch/bug and can confirm that it has nothing to do with fortuna since I've not even visited the place yet.  For me the worst part is I cannot do anything else in the game while I wait for DE to fix the bug because at every login I get thrown straight back into the quest with no options to do anything else.

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