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Fortuna Spider "boss" killed


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I was doing a bounty on Orb Visalis and then suddenly I was facing this multi legged guy:  KYTA RAKNOID a new enemy on the wild planes. The party left and I was left all alone to face this monster.
I started to call for help in chat and no one wanted to respond due to "it can't be killed yet",  "It has grey hp bar". I told them that IT CAN.
It has 2 fazes: 
(Faze 1) blue shields and hp - after you do some dmg it changes (Faze 2) its blue shields into purple ones (similar to Eidolons) and starts to throw some small spheres that create an electricity field that does quite good dmg, then has some slash ability like Umbra, a sniper like beam shot and a spinning device with lasers on its back. Oh and also it teleports from time to time and recharges its shields. I managed to lure it to bug teleport into a room and stayed for more than 20 minutes to take down its purple/blue shields then its hp. Sadly no loot after killing it. And all was done before the tonight's patch.
Some people didn't believe me so here's some screenshots to prove my case.


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Uh mate, i hate to break this to you, but thats not a spider boss.

Thats one of the two medium size spiders, the Kyta and the Scyta is the other one if i remember right (the fleshy version).

The big spiders are the "Exploiter Orb" which walks in the area of Temple of Profit. Then theres the "Profit Taker Orb" which rests on top of one of the facilities (enrichment labs if i remember right). Then there is a submerged one in a pool near the orokin dig site. Possibly a few more.

The only "active" one is the Exploiter orb which walks around and will kill you with pleasure if you get too close. The profit taker orb is inactive, except at alert level 4 where it will shoot fireballs at you. Other than that, its shields can be partly taken down on its right foreleg before becoming completely immune again.



You got the wrong spider there, thats just a "baby" and it dies with a 1-2 shots of a standard lanka modded for eidolons.

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