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Fieldron in Fortuna Drop table


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It's not just Fieldrons, but also Detonite Injectors and Mutagen Masses that can drop during the 4th Bounty Vallis Stage too. This is far better and faster than doing Invasions, particularly Mutagen Masses.

Besides, the Bounties a nice source of these resources if you need to build Dojo researched weapons, especially if you need 30 Fieldrons to build the Kreska, the Ocucor, and the Battacor (soon).

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On 2018-11-15 at 4:17 PM, peterc3 said:

How would that make any sense given the entire thing is Corpus themed, not Infested?

You're talking storyline. Im talking inundation of fieldron. Dont like mutagen? Detonite injectors. (which it appears they have done) I have Fieldron coming out of my ears from so many sources. samples + BP from clantech, invasions that give you 3 every time, now Fortuna. A little much for an item that doesnt have as much purpose as the reward table would have you believe.

I felt that there could be more items that could be put into the drop tables. Even if that meant that it was a rarer drop. Fieldron is the new oberon part.


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