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Abandoning objective appearing for credit collection bounty


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So, the bounty is credit collection. I just did the excavation mission and get on archwing to go find a base to ransack for credits. Guess what..., "ABANDONING OBJECTIVE" red text appears. I have to go back a few meters. I try again to go somewhere, there it is again! Then it lets me go a couple hundred meters to the next objective which is 1500m from me and tells me abandoning objective. I had to stay 1500m from bounty objective for it not to fail, what on earth???

It kept doing this to me throughout the rest of the bounties. 

I've also seen it happen before with the kill enemies bounty. It's happened twice already and I still have no idea why it's happened. The first time we literally had no idea what on earth was going on and the bounty failed within seconds of that message. The second time I turned around where I came from to try to get it to stop. I was host both times.

Just for giggles, a teammate threatened "you better not be fishing". Like dude, you want to auto-fail because the game is mad I'm not a frozen statue in some point?


The thing that makes this an obvious bug is that there should be no objective area for credit or kill bounties! You have to go throughout the map to get the counter up, duh. And then on top of that it was keeping me from moving to the objective when bounty changed to guarding cases 1500m away. 

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