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Textures on doors and beyond the door not loading.


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This is an issue that has arisen since Fortuna landed and is seems to happen frequently in Corpus tile set missions.

Doors in Corpus bases sometimes fail to load their textures, this is however not just a minor visual bug (despite it belonging in this category) as the door object visually just doesn't load at all and nothing except a blank white/cream white wall in place of the door appears, this also sometimes extends to what is beyond the door, aka the problem of a completely unloaded white blank world space happens and the entire area beyond the door is basically a blank white/cream white world space.

The above problem in mission however is temporary since as soon you press the interact button to open the as of yet unloaded door object+visuals, or enter what is beyond the Corpus door into the as of yet not yet loaded world space the problem immediately goes away and everything "pops into existence".

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