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WTS GOD Tigris Riven (+Damage +Multishot, Irrelevant negative)

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The starting bid is 1500p, the buyout is 3,000p. I won't be selling for less than the starting bid.

These are the value ranges for the possible values

  • 66.7 to 81.5% Multishot
  • 91.7 to 112.1% Damage

The negative status duration makes the slash procs 4.6 seconds instead of 6 seconds, I'm guessing the game might even round this up to 5 seconds, so irrelevant really.

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vor 39 Minuten schrieb -dicht.Goko-:

It's surprising this riven is still up for grabs after being posted numerous times and you reducing the price from 10k...especially given it's a "god" riven lol

I‘m paitiently waiting for the price dropping to 300P. Then I will buy it 🤔

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