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non-100% HUD scale leads to a serious Advanced Map bug


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Hello! I'm playing in 125% HUD scale for better readability.

There's a serious bug that was present ever since Cetus. When in an open world location (Plains of Eidolon or Orb Valis), holding the Map key to open up the advanced map at HUD scales that are not 100% will make it appear zoomed and cropped, like so:

The map takes up the entire screen, but it's cropped at the sides, making parts of it unreadable. This happenes even with maximum zoom out. The map can be moved left and right with A and D, but not up and down.


Another, smaller bug that also has to do with HUD Scale is that at larger HUD scales in Archwing mode the crosshair will overlap the ability dots, like so:

Thanks in advance.

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