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Find the Solaris Camp - Timer problem on new bounties


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In the mission where you have to find the Solaris Camp/dead bodies and then hack the gate to free the prisoners I just failed the mission because I started with a timer of ~1 minute from the getgo once I entered the yellow circle. I believe it happens because I did several bounties after one another without resetting in Fortuna, just taking them from the NPC in Orb Valis and it seems to me the timer continues where it left of after you finish the mission in the previous bounty. First bounty I did the timer was fine but the next it went to about 2.5 minutes and third it was down to about 1 minute so I believe it doesn't properly reset when you do consecutive bounties.

It defies the point of doing consecutive bountys a little 😉

Edit: Oh yeah, I was playing solo on the T4 bounty in case that matters.

Best regards

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Just chiming in to confirm that yes, I experienced this too. The timer of the "find the solaris camp" bounty stage doesn't reset between bounties.


I get the bounty stage and I'm directed to the first objective (where I'm to look for bodies).

Upon arrival, the timer starts to tick down from the 5 minute mark.

The timer stops when I find the captured Solaris and start hacking their cell (so far it works as intended[?]).


Now, fast forward to one bounty later, exact same Orb Vallis session (picking up the bounty again from the NPC just outside Fortuna).

When I go looking for the bodies, the timer continues to count down from where it stopped, instead of getting reset to 5 minutes.


In about 3-4 bounty iterations I do not have enough time to even look for the bodies, and the bounty auto-fails.

Returning to Fortuna and then back out seems to reset the timer properly.

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