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I Think Its Time For A Frost Powers Buff


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now i know, frost is already an amazing warframe, a big fan favorite, and the best defensive tank in the entire game, but i think that he needs a little bit of love for his offensive abilities.

when you see certain powers in this game, in addition to dealing a massive amount of damage (most of which isnt resisted by armor >.>) most ultimates have a unique attribute which makes them stand out, for example: 


Crush=massive range, stuns foes for quite some time, base 1000 damage

Molecular Prime= gives enemies a debuff and makes them more vulnerable to damage, plus explosions

Rhino Stomp= enemies that dont die from it's initial damage 1k are stunned in stasis for awhile

Radial Javelin= multiple javelins can hit a single target *coughbulletattractorcough*


so what i propose is that the "frozen" status in the game have a slight buff in terms of vulnerability to certain forms of damage. im thinking maybe an aversion to fire, which would make sense, as well as shatter the shatter the frozen status entirely, so they gain an X% amount of weakness to fire ignoring armor. i also ask for a weakness to melee damage, as frozen things can shatter of course, and i think a big slice like you see in the Warframe PS4 trailer by excalibur would be completely understandable, as well as useful for finishing off enemies (seeing as how freeze only hits 1 target at a time)


with that said, i think that avalanche should gain another secondary effect instead of just doing the damage it does,which after a certain point, can only destroy shields. what i thought for avalanche was to change the damage timing on  it, so that there was an initial impact damage, and anything that didnt shatter from it, received a frozen status, and remain that way for several seconds.


thats all, i just hope my concerns about frost get understood in some way or another, because i'd like it if he were a bit more of a team player other than just leaving snow globes all over the place



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I remember when people wanted Rhino Charge to be buffed because it didn't do as much damage as slash dash...

No, they wanted it changed, like if it had a charge up, then he knocked everybody to pieces or something like that as it was an exact copy of slash dash, just weaker.

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FYI: Crush only has a HUGE range because most good Mag players have Coil + Stretch. It's base range at max rank is actually only 2 meters farther than Avalanche. 


My opinion:


Freeze: Needs to be trashed. Come up with another ability.


Ice Wave: Turn into Serrated Blade damage (pointy spikes - duh)


Snow Globe: Damage cap at 20,000. (Bastille got nerfed, prepare yourselves, it is coming)


Avalanche: 10-20 second 50% slow

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Wait for the damage type changes. Frost's offensive abilities are slightly below average right now due to armor scaling, but they aren't terrible either, so the damage changes might indirectly buff him. Freeze kind of sucks though.

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Crush=massive range, stuns foes for quite some time, base 1000 damage



Yeah, no. Unmodded Crush has a range barely larger than Avalanche (because she's expected to Pull first for another ~50 energy), only stuns enemies within its radius prior to casting at the cost of Mag's own survival, and the 1000 damage is equal to Avalanche's but mitigated by armor and shields (because she's expected to Shield Polarize first for another ~100 energy), with no elemental exploits or situational damage boosts. So its damage can only go down from that 1000.


Avalanche's only real disadvantage is its tiny radius. It gives you immunity to most damage types that don't ignore armor, causes enemies that come near Frost to be blinded/frozen/staggered, and absolutely eats through shields due to its elemental damage.


Don't bring Mag into this.

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what if we did this if stuff is still bad after update 10


freeze turns into a hit scan type that activates if you target an enemy sorta like shuriken.

a completely frozen enemy (aka a ice statue) will shatter and die if you dealt 50% of its current hp during its frozen state.

freeze only lasts for 5 seconds but wont "break" upon damage.

ice wave deals extra damage to iced enemies.


hope that made sense

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